With Medical-Sharing Healthcare, Open Enrollment Never Ends!

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With Christian Medical-Sharing, Open Enrollment Never Ends!

We’re your Medical-Sharing experts, offering a variety of affordable Christian healthcare programs to fit your lifestyle and needs. Health sharing is not insurance. Learn why that’s a good thing! If you’re tired of the rising costs and sinking benefits of traditional health insurance, Medical-Sharing may be for you.

Happy with Medical-Sharing Healthcare!

“What led me to look into it was financial. When I started to realize it’s based on biblical principles where you help your brother out, that’s what really clinched me.”

Martin E.


“After doing some research, I joined a health sharing program and dropped my health insurance. It saves me thousands of dollars!”

Lauren G.

New York

Medical-Sharing Health Care FAQs – Affordable Options!

Is Christian medical-sharing real health coverage?

Although health sharing is not insurance, it is recognized by the HHS as “coverage” and is a legal alternative to health insurance. Although the current ACA Federal tax penalty is $0, Obamacare as a law does still require individuals to have health “coverage”; but not health “insurance”.

What is a medical health share program?

Medical-sharing programs are healthcare alternatives offered to those of Christian faith that can help alleviate the cost and expenses of medical bills. Medical Sharing facilitates the member-to-member cost sharing for families and individuals on these unique programs. These healthcare programs are generally much more affordable than the cost of traditional health insurance.

How long have Christian Ministry Medical-Sharing plans existed?

Today’s modern health shares have evolved since the 1980s, with new programs and providers emerging regularly. But Christian Ministry medical health sharing has been around even longer than insurance, when communities and churches banded together to help share medical costs. It’s a core tenet of Christianity, “do unto others.”

Is Christian Medical-Sharing Right for Me and My Family?

If you are healthy and want to get more healthcare for less cost, it just may be. Speak to one of our agents about any of your concerns. They are experienced agents who are licensed to sell both health share and health insurance; and can guide you in finding the right coverage for your needs. Medical sharing is not for everyone, but does fit the needs of most.

Is www.Medical-Sharing.org affiliated with Christian Care Ministry or the product Medi-Share?

We are not affiliated with Christian Care Ministry or Medishare. Our site is purely to help users find the best health share for themselves and their families by comparing options available to them, including traditional insurance. Our licensed specialists can help fit you and your family to any need or plan.